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Life of a Tarot Reader!

A couple of days back someone told me that they wanted to get Tarot reading done from me for quite some time but stopped themselves from doing so because we knew someone mutually. Though Tarot readers are not officially mental health practitioners here are some myths that I would like to break about our profession :

- We don't discuss about our clients and their experiences with anybody. Sometimes when we share experiences with our mentors / teachers it's without revealing any personal information.

- Even if we do know someone mutually, we provide services without mixing our personal relationship with them. And refrain from doing a reading, if we are unable to do so.

- We don't have an ethical code, but we recognize the courage it takes to open up, be vulnerable and share personal battles with someone. And in no way intend to take this for a toss.

Apart from being a Tarot reader, I am also a certified Life coach and all my personal reading sessions are a combination of both Tarot & life coaching. Many times you can find me talking about the experiences of other clients during the session while keeping in mind that only and only the context is discussed because it may help you gain a broader perspective.

I hope we create a society where mental and emotional well-being is given as much important as physical health. I hope we educate ourselves and our children that seeking support and guidance is NORMAL and essential. I hope we don't judge, label and question humans for choosing themselves and their holistic health.
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