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Mothering my inner-child

By taking time to understand and nurture her, I have recently got to know my inner child. I now understand why being an 'obedient' kid was so important to me. Why I feared abandonment and why asking for what I want seems difficult even now. I realize why family values are so precious to me.

It's crazy how our childhood experiences have so much impact on our adult selves and it's mostly not at a conscious level. So many of our beliefs are rooted to what we picked up as children. A lot of it was either fed to us or we used it as protective shield , and then it became a pattern. I am now able to sit with my inner child, acknowledge her patterns and gently make her believe that she

can drop the ones that are no longer serving her.

It's true, there are these beliefs you hold about yourself and then there is YOU!

P. S : Since one cannot mirror themselves, all my learning and unlearning about 'self' happens under professional observation.

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