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What is Tarot & Angel Card Reading?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It's an intuitive science and art that connects to the individual's present energies and cards that open give guidance, clarity, positivity and love based on the energy.

All the answers that we seek externally are already present within us

Sometimes the journey to get to them gets clouded because of various external factors, which is quite natural. This is where card reading comes into picture. They help you find answers. Your answers.

Different readers have different style of reading, connecting to the cards and conveying messages. I am personally drawn towards understanding the presenting problem, how the past might be having an impact on it and how it can be dealt with compassion, accountability and consistency. More than predicting the future, for me Tarot is about embracing the present with grace and confidence. It's becoming friends with the 'Here and Now. '

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